Despite Denials, Simpson Voted For Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

December 1, 2015
Contact: Jordan Berry
[email protected]


Mineola, TX - Despite his denials in a press release yesterday, the facts are clear that Representative David Simpson actually voted for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

Simpson said in his release, "I have always opposed driver's licenses for illegal aliens, and I am asking Bryan Hughes to read the bill and the amendment and acknowledge his mistake." 

However in 2014, Simpson expressed a different stance on this issue in the Tyler Morning Telegraph: "They [illegal immigrants] can get an education but not get a driver's license. That's not right.'' (1)

Simpson's record on illegal immigration is clear. He was the only Republican who voted against Governor Abbott's border security plan and he did so all three times the measure came up for a vote (2). Additionally, he voted with Democrats when they unanimously supported legislation that would have allowed for illegal immigrants to receive drivers licenses (3). 

Conservative grassroots organizations Simpson mentioned in his press release even commented on the specific votes taken on this issue:

- Empower Texans criticized the amendment Simpson voted for saying, describing it as "an amendment to Senate Bill 1705, to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants" (4). 

- Young Conservatives of Texas stated on their scorecard, "Amendment 1 to SB 1729 would have allowed for illegal immigrants to receive drivers licenses" (5).

Earlier this summer, Simpson took a stance against drivers licenses for illegal immigrants on his website but recently deleted it (6).

Momentum behind the Bryan Hughes for Senate campaign grows everyday. So far, he has been endorsed by Former Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, Ag Commissioner Sid Miller,Texas Right to Life, Grassroots America - We the People, Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, Texas Home School Coalition, Texas DPS Officers Association, East Texas Police Chiefs Association, David Barton (President - Wallbuilders), Cathie Adams (President - Texas Eagle Forum), Kelly Shackelford (President - Liberty Institute), Ann Hettinger (State Director - Concerned Women for America), Carol Everett (President - Heidi Group), and Jonathan Saenz (President - Texas Values).



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