Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND Endorses Hughes for Senate

The Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund (AGFUND) has endorsed State Representative Bryan Hughes in the race for Senate District 1.

Texas Farm Bureau and AGFUND President Russel Boening announced Hughes as the AGFUND choice to succeed Senator Kevin Eltife in the sprawling 16 county district. Early voting begins on February 16th. 

"Bryan Hughes is a strong conservative in the Legislature and he knows how to get things done in Austin," Boening said. "Bryan has demonstrated an appreciation for agriculture and has always shown a willingness to learn on new issues. We look forward to working closely with him in the Senate, as we have in the House." 

Boening predicts that property rights will be of top concern in next year's Legislature. He says Hughes will stand up for the interests of agriculture and rural Texas in the Senate.

In late December, Farm Bureau delegates from all 16 counties were invited to hear from all 4 candidates and vote on the candidate they wanted the organization to support.

"One of the unique aspects of the Farm Bureau endorsement is that it is derived from the grassroots," said Hughes. "Farm Bureau members here in East Texas met with each of the candidates and then voted on who they would support. So I am especially honored to receive this endorsement. I look forward to working with Farm Bureau during the next legislative session."

Texas Farm Bureau is an independent organization of farm and ranch families who have joined to solve their problems through united action. The Farm Bureau is totally controlled by its members through majority decision and is financed by voluntary dues. The Texas Farm Bureau has more than 500,000 members across the state.

AGFUND is Texas Farm Bureau's political action fund. It is a legal entity separate from the Texas Farm Bureau and may endorse and contribute to political candidates. AGFUND is funded by voluntary contributions from TFB members.

In December, Hughes was endorsed by Senator Charles Perry (R - Lubbock), a former colleague of Hughes who chairs the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, and Rural Affairs. He was also endorsed by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller shortly after his announcement. 

Momentum behind the Bryan Hughes for Senate campaign grows everyday. So far, he has been endorsed by Former Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, Ag Commissioner Sid Miller, Texas Right to Life, Grassroots America - We the People, Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas DPS Officers Association, East Texas Police Chiefs Association, Dr. Dennis Golden, Senator Charles Perry, David Barton (President - Wallbuilders), Cathie Adams (President - Texas Eagle Forum), Kelly Shackelford (President - Liberty Institute), Ann Hettinger (State Director - Concerned Women for America), Carol Everett (President - Heidi Group), and Jonathan Saenz (President - Texas Values).


Senator Charles Perry Endorses Hughes for Senate

Leader in Fight to End Sanctuary Cities Backs Hughes for Senate 

Mineola, TX -- Today, Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) endorsed Bryan Hughes for Texas Senate.

Senator Charles Perry is well known for authoring SB 185, legislation to put an end to sanctuary cities in the State of Texas. Today he sat in on the Senate Sub-Committee on Border Security to offer the committee his expertise on this issue. 

"Hughes is the candidate I believe can be trusted to join my fight to end sanctuary cities in Texas," said Perry. "He has a dynamite record on fighting illegal immigration and has opposed all efforts to expand entitlements for non-citizens, including giving them drivers licenses."

"On pro-life issues, his record is second to none," continued Perry. 

Perry serves as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs. He is well respected by farmers and ranchers across the state for his leadership on issues important to rural Texas.

"On issues of agriculture, I believe Bryan Hughes will stand strong for Texas farmers and ranchers," said Perry. "Hughes has a proven record of standing up for private property rights and against burdensome regulations that harm our state's producers of fiber, food, and fuel."

Momentum behind the Bryan Hughes for Senate campaign grows everyday. So far, he has been endorsed by Former Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, Ag Commissioner Sid Miller,Texas Right to Life, Grassroots America - We the People, Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, Texas DPS Officers Association, East Texas Police Chiefs Association, David Barton (President - Wallbuilders), Cathie Adams (President - Texas Eagle Forum), Kelly Shackelford (President - Liberty Institute), Ann Hettinger (State Director - Concerned Women for America), Carol Everett (President - Heidi Group), and Jonathan Saenz (President - Texas Values).


Despite Denials, Simpson Voted For Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

December 1, 2015
Contact: Jordan Berry
[email protected]erryCommunications.com


Mineola, TX - Despite his denials in a press release yesterday, the facts are clear that Representative David Simpson actually voted for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

Simpson said in his release, "I have always opposed driver's licenses for illegal aliens, and I am asking Bryan Hughes to read the bill and the amendment and acknowledge his mistake." 

However in 2014, Simpson expressed a different stance on this issue in the Tyler Morning Telegraph: "They [illegal immigrants] can get an education but not get a driver's license. That's not right.'' (1)

Simpson's record on illegal immigration is clear. He was the only Republican who voted against Governor Abbott's border security plan and he did so all three times the measure came up for a vote (2). Additionally, he voted with Democrats when they unanimously supported legislation that would have allowed for illegal immigrants to receive drivers licenses (3). 

Conservative grassroots organizations Simpson mentioned in his press release even commented on the specific votes taken on this issue:

- Empower Texans criticized the amendment Simpson voted for saying, describing it as "an amendment to Senate Bill 1705, to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants" (4). 

- Young Conservatives of Texas stated on their scorecard, "Amendment 1 to SB 1729 would have allowed for illegal immigrants to receive drivers licenses" (5).

Earlier this summer, Simpson took a stance against drivers licenses for illegal immigrants on his website but recently deleted it (6).

Momentum behind the Bryan Hughes for Senate campaign grows everyday. So far, he has been endorsed by Former Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, Ag Commissioner Sid Miller,Texas Right to Life, Grassroots America - We the People, Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, Texas Home School Coalition, Texas DPS Officers Association, East Texas Police Chiefs Association, David Barton (President - Wallbuilders), Cathie Adams (President - Texas Eagle Forum), Kelly Shackelford (President - Liberty Institute), Ann Hettinger (State Director - Concerned Women for America), Carol Everett (President - Heidi Group), and Jonathan Saenz (President - Texas Values).



(1) Tyler Morning Telegraph: Rep. Simpson back from Valley tour (7/21/14) Read here: http://www.tylerpaper.com/TP-News+Local/202745/rep-simpson-back-from-valley-tour

(2) Record Votes:
HB 11 (2015) - Second Reading: http://www.journals.house.state.tx.us/hjrnl/84r/pdf/84RDAY34FINAL.PDF
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(3) Record Votes:
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(4) http://www.empowertexans.com/features/straus-leadership-team-too-far-left-for-wendy-davis-consultants/#sthash.J70cfgjf.dpuf

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(6) http://freepdfhosting.com/a695d8d042.pdf

Gov. Rick Perry Endorses Hughes for Senate!

November 30, 2015
Contact: Jordan Berry
[email protected]

Former Governor Rick Perry Endorses Bryan Hughes for Senate

Mineola - Today, Rep. Bryan Hughes announced that former Texas Governor Rick Perry has endorsed his campaign for the Texas Senate. 

Governor Rick Perry was the longest serving governor in Texas history and is largely credited with much of our state's economic success, often described as the "Texas Miracle."

"Bryan Hughes is a committed conservative fighting to secure our borders from illegal immigration," said Gov. Rick Perry. "Bryan has consistently stood to protect life and East Texas values.''

Perry served as governor for six of the seven sessions Hughes has served in the Texas House. During that time, they worked together on a number of issues important to Texans ranging from pro-life legislation to securing the border and fighting Obamacare.

"What a blessing to receive Governor Perry's endorsement," said Hughes. "His contributions to our state are numerous and significant, and I look forward to continuing his legacy of conservative leadership in the Texas Senate."

Perry joins statewide elected officials including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Comptroller Glenn Hegar, and Ag Commissioner Sid Miller in endorsing Hughes in this race. Hughes has additionally been endorsed by organizations including Texas Right to Life, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas DPS Officers Association, East Texas Police Chiefs Association, Texas Poultry Federation and individuals including David Barton (President - Wallbuilders), Cathie Adams (President - Texas Eagle Forum), Kelly Shackelford (President - Liberty Institute), Ann Hettinger (State Director - Concerned Women for America), Carol Everett (President - Heidi Group), and Jonathan Saenz (President - Texas Values).




Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Day is one of our most beloved holidays, an occasion that is uniquely American. Since before we were a nation, we have set aside a day to thank God prayerfully and humbly for the blessings He has bestowed on us and this beautiful, bountiful land.

As President Reagan observed, perhaps no custom reveals our rich history as a Nation so clearly as our celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Rooted deeply in our Christian heritage, the practice of offering thanksgiving underscores our founders' unshakeable belief in God as the foundation of our Nation and a firm reliance upon Him from Whom all blessings flow.

This Thanksgiving, as we celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones, we can pause from our activities to give thanks to God for our bountiful harvests and our abundant freedoms.

We also remember that there are many among us for whom the holidays are difficult. For some, it is a struggle financially to provide dinner for their family on Thanksgiving. For others, who have experienced recent loss, this time of year can be a struggle emotionally and spiritually. This reminds us to be even more thankful for what we have, and to keep these folks in our prayers and to look for opportunities to bless their lives during this holiday season.

Most of all we thank God for the gift of His Son. It's been said that Creation shows us God's power, and Calvary shows us His love. The ultimate expression of God's love for us is Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us on the Cross and His resurrection from the dead. "He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all-how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?" - Romans 8.32

In times like these it's easy for us to get discouraged. Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity to take stock of all that God has done for us, and to seek Him for provision and protection and wisdom as we move forward.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving,

- Bryan Hughes

Hughes Joins Lawsuit To Stop EPA Overreach

Mineola, TX - On Friday, State Representative Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) joined a coalition of energy producers in their legal challenge to the EPA's "Clean Power Plan."

Hughes joined co-counsel from Jackson Walker L.L.P. representing the Gulf Coast Lignite Coalition ("GCLC") in their Motion for Leave to Intervene in Support of Petitioners seeking judicial review of EPA's so-called "Clean Power Plan." Others in involved in the suit to stop the EPA rule include Texas and 26 other states. 

"I am proud to be joining a lawsuit on behalf of Texas lignite miners, power plant operators, and rate-payers challenging the EPA's latest attempt to centralize control over our energy resources in Washington DC," said Hughes. "This is one of the reasons that I became an attorney -- I get the opportunity to stand up for my fellow Texans against federal overreach."

GCLC is a non-profit corporation comprised of individual electric generating and mining companies, including several key employers and electricity providers in Northeast Texas. GCLC participates on behalf of its members collectively in proceedings brought under United States environmental regulations, and in litigation arising from those proceedings, which affect electric generators, mines, and the customers they serve.

Hughes and GCLC have long-advocated "all of the above" energy policies that allow states, like Texas, to ensure that its citizens and businesses have a reliable supply of electricity at an affordable price. The so-called "Clean Power Plan" fundamentally undermines this principle through a blatant attempt by the EPA to vastly expand its authority, ignore Congress, and strip states of their control over state electricity grids.

Ironically, the EPA claims that it is supporting "all" energy sources and giving states "flexibility." The fact is that they are imposing mandatory emission budgets on the states that pick winners and losers by functionally mandating an unprecedented build-out of wind, solar, and transmission lines while shutting down valuable power plants and stranding billions of dollars of investment, including in East Texas - all at the expense of power providers and their rate payers.

This rule does nothing to address "climate change," the issue that EPA claims as the basis for its rule. Using EPA's own numbers and methodologies, the calculated global climate benefit of this rule is almost unmeasurable. The rule is "All Pain, No Gain." 

"With this lawsuit, we have the opportunity to stop the Obama administration's scheme to bypass Congress and the states through illegal regulations implemented by unelected bureaucrats," continued Hughes. "We are confident the state of Texas and GCLC will be successful because the rule of law matters in this country and the right of Texas to control its own electric grid without illegal federal coercion will be preserved by the courts."


Ted Cruz Said What?


Last week I had the honor of saying the prayer and welcoming the crowd of well over 1,000 before Senator Ted Cruz took the stage at a rally in Tyler. 

During his introductory remarks, I was humbled to hear Senator Cruz make the following statement about me: "Thank you for your incredible support, for your friendship, for your passion, for your willingness to stand and fight for conservative principles and to represent East Texas values."

Ted Cruz is a man I admire for his tremendous courage and convictions. I am proud to be the only person in my race that has endorsed him for president.

Above left: Bryan Hughes visits with Sen. Ted Cruz before his rally in Tyler, TX.  
Above right: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has endorsed Bryan Hughes in this race.

Since our last email, momentum behind our campaign has skyrocketed. 

Thursday we received a major endorsement from Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC. TLR PAC is a statewide organization that seeks to curb lawsuit abuse and ensure Texas maintains a business friendly environment that encourages job creation. 

Shortly before that, we received a key endorsement from the President of the Texas Senate, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. 

While it is rare for a sitting Lt. Governor to get involved in a state senate primary election, Patrick endorsed me because the stakes in this race are too high to sit on the sidelines. 

Thank you for your continued support. Have a great week!

For Texas, 

Bryan Hughes


Local Law Enforcement: 

Larry Smith, Smith County Sheriff

Maxey Cerliano, Gregg County Sheriff

Jim Brown, Wood County Sheriff

Tom McCoolHarrison County Sheriff

Alan McCandless, Camp County Sheriff

Larry Rowe, Cass County Sheriff

Ricky Jones, Franklin County Sheriff

Tim Ingram, Titus County Sheriff

Randy KennedyHughes Springs Chief of Police

Matt Bingham, District Attorney - Smith Co.

Coke Solomon, District Attorney - Harrison Co.

Billy Byrd, District Attorney - Upshur Co.

Danny Buck Davidson, District Attorney - Panola Co.

Carl Dorrough, District Attorney - Gregg Co.

Michael Jimerson, District Attorney - Rusk Co.

Jim Wheeler, District Attorney - Wood Co.

Kenneth BibbyConstable – Smith Co.

Robert WoodConstable - Harrison Co.

Bill ElliottConstable - Harrison Co.

Jerry A. GoodsonConstable - Cass Co.


Local Leaders:

Steve DementTyler, TX

Brian LeeTitus County Judge

James GreerCounty Commissioner Pl. 3 – Harrison Co.

Jay EbarbCounty Commissioner Pl. 4 – Harrison Co.

Terry Phillips, Smith Co. Commissioner

Jimmy ParkerTitus Co. Commissioner

Mike WillisRains Co. Commissioner

Karen Phillips, County Clerk – Smith Co.

Patsy Cox, County Clerk - Harrison Co.

Jenica Turner, District Clerk - Wood Co. 

Sherry GriffisDistrict Clerk – Harrison Co.

Tim MarshallMayor - Gilmer

Robert NelsonMayor - Lindale

Rick May, Mayor - White Oak

Shawn KenningtonMayor - Pittsburg

JR Evans, Mayor – Quitman

Harold Wells, Mayor – Gladewater

Richard R. Parrish, Mayor - Winnsboro

Jeff DaughertyMayor Pro-Tem - Lindale

W. M. "Sam" BradleyFormer Mayor - Hawkins

Carolyn JonesFormer Mayor - Winnsboro

Scott OwensCity Councilman - Gladewater

LaDarius Carter, City Commissioner - Marshall

LeeAnn Sparks, Chamber of Commerce-Winsboro Area

Dr. Wayne BerrymanPresident - Smith Co. Retired Teachers Assn.

Dwayne EllisSuperintendent - Alba-Golden ISD

Jed WhitakerFormer Superintendent, Harmony ISD

Lou Ann BermanWife of Fmr. Rep. Leo Berman


Conservative and Religious Leaders:

Sue EvenwelTitus Co. GOP Chairwoman & SREC

Linda LawlessPanola Co. GOP Chairman

Bert EdmondsonFranklin Co. GOP Chairman

Carabeth LuckeyMorris Co. GOP Chairwoman

Rex LawCamp Co GOP Chairman

Sven SternerWood Co. GOP Chairman

Vernon EasteppRed River Co. GOP Chairman

Wes BrumitHarrison Co. GOP Chairman

Marcia Daughtrey, Former Smith Co. GOP Chairwoman & SREC

Ashton OravetzFormer Smith Co. Republican Chairman

John Kruntorad, Former Lamar Co. Republican Chairman

Sam MoseleyFormer Harrison Co. Republican Chairman

Kathy DuskeyHarrison Co. Republican Precinct Chair

Stacy McMahanEast Texans for Liberty*

Pastor Eric PeytonFirst Baptist Church – Waskom

Pastor James DillChrist Central Church

Pastor James Perryman, Hill Creek Baptist Church - Whitehouse

Ray Wilson, Light of the World Christian Church

Timothy Lee, Open Heart Ministry

Dr. Dennis Golden, Former SD 1 Candidate, Governor Perry Appointee to Higher Education Coordinating Board, Former Member of Panola College Board of Trustees


Statewide Conservative Leaders:

Ann HettingerState Director - Concerned Women for America

Carol EverettPresident - Heidi Group

Tim LambertPresident - Texas Homeschool Coalition

Jonathan SaenzPresident - Texas Values

Charles Perry, State Senator, District 28 (Author of the anti-sanctuary cities bill)

Rick Miller, State Representative District 26

Mark Keough, State Representative District 15

Dr. Robin Armstrong, Republican National Committeeman - Texas

Julie McCartyPresident of North East Tarrant Tea Party

Sharron AlbertsonFormer President of Golden Corridor Republican Women

Marcus Hill, President, Texas 4-H Foundation*

Skeet WorkmanFounder, Lubbock Texas Eagle Forum

Elvira ReynaFmr. State Rep.

Linda Butts-WeldonFmr SREC

T.J. ScottPresident, Central Texas Republican Assembly

Austin KinghornFormer Executive Director, Young Conservatives of Texas*

Ken Mercer, State Board of Education

Jon W. Johnson Chief U.S. Probation Officer, Retired



Angela Hammonds, Camp County Republican Club

Betty FalkCamp County Republican Club

Betty HolcombCamp County Republican Club

Clinton EvettsCamp County Republican Club        

Clinton WinkworthCamp County Republican Club

George FrenchCamp County Republican Club      

George ShafferCamp County Republican Club    

James BurnesCamp County Republican Club        

Jane SennikoffCamp County Republican Club       

Jerry ChrietzbergCamp County Republican Club 

Jim BartholomewCamp County Republican Club

Jim FalkCamp County Republican Club      

Jim SealeCamp County Republican Club    

Linda OstremCamp County Republican Club        

Pat HolcombCamp County Republican Club         

Peggy ThorsellCamp County Republican Club

Roland OstremCamp County Republican Club     

Sarah SchafferCamp County Republican Club

Sue Burnes, Camp County Republican Club

Vernon HolcombCamp County Republican Club

Carol Meyer, Gregg County Republican Club

Floyd Wingo, Gregg County Republican Club

J.E. "Hank" Kastrop, Gregg County Republican Club

John & Robyn Kemp, Gregg County Republican Club

Judy Haggard, Gregg County Republican Club

Lefty Vogt, Gregg County Republican Club

Marty Rhymes, Gregg County Republican Club

Mike Haggard, Gregg County Republican Club

Neal Frey, Gregg County Republican Club

Karen Elliott, Harrison County Republican Club

Catherine Douglas, Harrison County Republican Club

Dr. Donald Alford, Harrison County Republican Club

Donna Philyaw, Harrison County Republican Club

Dora K. McCurty, Harrison County Republican Club

Jane Alford, Harrison County Republican Club

Jane Littlejohn, Harrison County Republican Club

Mike Griffis, Harrison County Republican Club

Mary Jones, Harrison County Republican Club

Wendell Jones, Harrison County Republican Club

Willie Hughey, Harrison County Republican Club  

William Hughey, Harrison County Republican Club

Ben Hudman, Lake County Republican Club

Doug Williams, Lake County Republican Club

Dwayne & Shirley Daugherty, Lake County Republican Club

Janice Logan, Lake County Republican Club

Jimmy Chiles, Lake County Republican Club

J.P. Lafferty, Lake County Republican Club

Ken Masat, Lake County Republican Club

Ken West, Lake County Republican Club

Linda Rosene, Lake County Republican Club

Mike Ferguson, Lake County Republican Club

Tony Gilbreath, Lake County Republican Club

Bill Collins, Lamar County Republican Club

Ray Rosebrough, Lamar County Republican Club

Ronald Bass, Lamar County Republican Club

Junetta Whitecomb, Mount Pleasant Republican Women

Mary Kay Dunay, Mount Pleasant Republican Women

Marge Adams, Smith County Republican Women

Allene DoggettWood County Republican Women

Barbara Bennett, Wood County Republican Women

Betty DubbsWood County Republican Women

Carol FosterWood County Republican Women

Cydney Kay Elsey, Wood County Republican Women

Diane Jones, Wood County Republican Women     

Diane Vogt, Wood County Republican Women   

Janna Castloo, Wood County Republican Women      

Lynn OakesWood County Republican Women

Mary MeisterWood County Republican Women  

Melady Thompson, Wood County Republican Women   

Patsy SharpWood County Republican Women      

Sammie HallWood County Republican Women    

Sandra EvansWood County Republican Women

Shirley HirtWood County Republican Women    

Susan MurphyWood County Republican Women 

Jan McCormickPiney Woods Republican Women

Della ClarkGrassroots America - We The People (Tyler)

Ernie ClarkGrassroots America - We The People (Tyler)

Heather StonerGrassroots America - We The People (Tyler)

Jim ReedGrassroots America - We The People (Tyler)

Pat SelfGrassroots America - We The People (Tyler)

Rosalie HowertonGrassroots America - We The People (Tyler)

Joan McIntyreCass County Patriots

Nancy ClementsCass County Patriots

Lawana Sistrunk, Kilgore Conservatives

Kirt Smith, Kilgore Conservatives

Bob & Dari Money, Linden Lions Club

Colonel Bob Swisher, Linden Lions Club

James Penny, Linden Lions Club

John McIntyre, Linden Lions Club

Bill & Cathy Hale, Longview Tea Party

Donald Robinette, Longview Tea Party

Jim & Stella, Longview Tea Party

Lanis James Lemaire, Vietnam Veterans of America

Brian Coulter, Voice of Conservatism and Liberty

Marty WalkerAmerican Citizen

Keith FlowersAssociation of Lamar County Republicans

Derrick BaileyAlba

Herman MeisterAlba        

Jill Russell, Alba

Joanne KratzmeyerAlba

Monica BaileyAlba

Ted LevittAlba

Graeme WolfBig Sandy

Gus L. WolfBig Sandy

Hayden WolfBig Sandy

Josh Parsons, Big Sandy

Glenn SparksBullard

Kevin Jones, Carthage

Kelli PorterDaingerfield

Sondra FowlerDaingerfield

Galen McBrideDiana

Jeannie TaylorEmory

Pete Diaz, Emory

James & Kathy Madewell, Flint

MaryAnne McCalebFlint

Paul PerrymanFlint

Royce Hayes, Flint

Barbara Vogl, Gilmer

Cammy Burkhalter, Gilmer

Chuck MearsGilmer

Craig ChamblissGilmer

Denice McDonaldGilmer

Jo ReynoldsGilmer

Mark VoglGilmer

Melvin & Jo Reynolds, Gilmer

Scott & Alise Nolan, Gilmer

Steve Dean, Gilmer

Farrell Alexander, Gladewater

Arthur Morchat DDS, Gladewater

Brett KingGladewater

Jerry & Joan Wallace, Golden

Ronnie GalyeanGolden

Patrick Watson, Grand Saline

John McDonald D.O., Hallsville  

Mike BrannonHallsville

Rick HurlburtHallsville

Patricia WilliamsHainesville

Pamela Payne, Harleton      

Al Harris, Hawkins

Chuck MullinsHawkins

Doris J Foster BoxHawkins

Pat Harris, Hawkins

Phyllis NeeseHawkins

Austin HillHemphill

Bradley Glasscock, Henderson

Courtney SmithHenderson

David ChenaultHenderson

Dorothy Glasscock, Henderson

John H. WaldieHenderson

Kay Walker, Henderson

Jeff JovenHideaway

Sharon Reche, Hideaway

Rev. David Butler, Jacksonville

Elizabeth CookKarnack

J.C. Thompson, Kilgore

Tom JarvisKilgore

Alan & Lori Harris, Lindale

Brian Pruner, Lindale

Charlene BurtonLindale

Craig ShineLindale

Dan WillsonLindale

Edward DowdLindale

Greg Fraser, Lindale

Joyce Shutt, Lindale

Katherine Ewing, Lindale

Linda Cox, Lindale

Mack Cox, Lindale

Marion Elwell, Lindale

Mark ClaytonLindale

Sara Maynard, Lindale

Wayne ElwellLindale

Ronnie McClennyLindale

Rhonda Anderson, Longview

Alieca McCannLongview

Bill KeithLongview

Carol Meyer, Longview

Cecelia FleetLongview

Cherry Martin, Longview

David Harris, Longview

Ermine SchufeldtLongview

Hobert Farrell, Longview

James Foster, Longview

Judy HaggardLongview

Jules Sarran, Longview

Karen Luman, Longview

Lefty VogtLongview

Mike PaceLongview

Roger Kiser MDLongview

Scott SextonLongview

Will Carter, Longview

Ken Van Beek, Longview

Tracey Vincent, Longview

Donna Vincent, Longview

Melissa Hinson, Longview

Ralph Richards, Longview

Mian Gu, Longview

Michael Denholm, Longview

Dal SmithMarshall

Debra HatfieldMarshall

Dr. Jim HarrisMarshall

Dr. Kenneth Carlile, Marshall

David & Lynna Chonan, Marshall

Frank StraussMarshall

Jim BatesMarshall

Julie CoxMarshall   

Kay MoseleyMarshall

Kenneth Boyd, Marshall

Mary L. JonesMarshall

Megan GoldenMarshall

Melody Spray, Marshall

Nina Bates, Marshall

Susanne Smith, Marshall

Tami Alonzo, Marshall

Anne Thetford, Mineola

Anthony BrunerMineola

Mary Lou BrunerMineola

Betty LuncefordMineola

Cecilia GarrettMineola

Don Lay, Mineola

Dr. Andy Hawari, Mineola

E.W. BrunerMineola

Frances PressonMineola

Hayley Hawkins, Mineola

Isabel McGuffin, Mineola

J. Corley, Mineola

Jean MabeMineola

Jeannette L PeelMineola

Ken Morrow, Mineola

Kim KarchMineola

Laura CoodyMineola

Malinda Robertson, Mineola

Margaret LayMineola

Paul R. Shaw, Mineola

Tim CoodyMineola

Travis Burker, Mineola

Wayne Collins, Mineola

Isaac J Osborne M.D., Mount Pleasant

Jo Ann MillerMount Pleasant

Kelly CokeMount Pleasant

O M AdamsMount Pleasant

T.W.W. BuffaloMount Pleasant

Tami MolerMount Pleasant

Tony MizeMount Pleasant

Tonya TaylorMount Pleasant

Weldon MillerMount Pleasant

Justin McLeckieNaples

George MccoyOmaha

Glenn Dunaway, Ore City

C. R. Evans, Jr., Overton

AJ MasonPittsburg

Clark A. Jesmore, Pittsburg

David GrundishPittsburg

Gary F SmithPittsburg

James WagonerPittsburg

Kaye DerrickPittsburg

Lanny BrennerPittsburg

Linda GrundishPittsburg

Mary Alice SmithPittsburg

Mary Kathy Rape, Pittsburg

Thomas E. Harkness, Sr., Pittsburg

Lori Barfield ReedPoint

Carolyn LanceQueen City

Eric McCasland, Queen City

Charlie GoffQuitman

Gena Von ReynQuitman

Jeff FletcherQuitman

Jenica TurnerQuitman

Jim & Sally Attaway, Quitman

Joe Parris, Jr. Quitman

Lynn AronSpeer, Quitman

Mark Breding, Quitman

Terrell AronSpeer, Quitman

Robert HibbardQuitman

Al StevensTyler

Benjamin WhiteTyler

Carol Grant, Tyker

Charles Jones, Tyler

Daniel Perryman, Tyler

Donald L. McClaughertyTyler

Ed Edmondoon, Tyler

Gary Bayless, Tyler

Gayle Craig, Tyler

Holly Rand, Tyler

Janice CaldwellTyler

Janine Islam M.D., Tyler

Jeff Heck, Tyler

Jennifer & David Yarberry, Tyler

Josiah Taylor, Tyler

Keith Hilliard, Tyler

Marge Adams, Tyler

Paul WalkerTyler

Paula White, Tyler

Ray & Sarah Anderson, Tyler

Robert & Jenny Ulrich, Tyler

Rod Craig, Tyler

Shari Hilliard, Tyler

Steve WhiteTyler

Tom Henson, Tyler

Darlene Rappazzo, Upshur

James & Lee Roberts, Whitehouse

John Waters, Whitehouse

Patrick Moran, Whitehouse

Ronny Griffith, White Oak

Helen Elizabeth HurtWinnsboro

Mel MellenbergerWinnsboro

Timothy LeeWinnsboro

Johnnie LaJuana MidkiffYantis

Marcus Hill, Yantis

John Bryan, Morris Co.

John Paul Shelton, Atlanta

Dr. Randal Cox, Atlanta  

Jan Shedd, Kaufman

Tim Alvey, Lufkin

Dr. Warren S. GuyLufkin

Benny GordonMesquite

Bob Measles, Magnolia

Anne Newman, San Antonio

Bruce BaillioSan Antonio

Cherie Roughneen, Dallas

Diana SaizDallas

Jan HowardDallas

Mary Hughes, Dallas

Brad McCutcheon, Dallas

Cheryl StalinskyFulshear

Cindy L HyltinPlano

Dr. Jason FowlerMckinney

E F WhitusGeorgetown

Karyl HayreGreenville

Eric WaliguraHouston

Rebekah L. Holt, Bonham

Freda Adams, Burleson

Frederick HusseyDodge

James Ashby, Euless

Jack Peddy, Keller

James FletcherBurnett

Jason MillsapsConroe

Joe NixonHouston

John LivelyGarland

Kassi MarksGarland

Sandra Schloemer, Honeygrove

Jon GimbleWaco

Sheila Page D.O., Aledo

Gregory Walker, Shadybrook

Ken Koppelman, Houston

Ken LeonardForney

Joy Gallagher, Mabank

Mark CobbMckinney

Mark WilliamsAustin

Neal Mehrotra, Austin

Mary Jane HollowellGrand Saline

Mary SmithArlington

Warren Norred, Arlington

Melinda KyhnAustin

Dr. Patrick Roughneen, Dallas

Sheila Moore, Blossom

Reverend Bill HoganBaytown

Richard DeOtteSouthlake

James R. Honea, Point

Ron DubnerPlano

Stewart McGregorArlington

Theodore ColeIrving

Fred Shannon, Round Mountain

Victor LealAmarillo

Jonathan KimValencia

Roger Moore, Vilonia

Josephine Wolf

Michelle Dillahunty

Evan Wilian

Steve & Lisa W. White

Truett Austin

Walter Hurst

William Prazak

*All organizations are listed for identification purposes only